Flood management, improved water treatment solutions and water pollution reduction solutions.


Design, installation, operation, and maintenance of effective water management systems.


Management of water in the municipal, industrial and construction sectors.


The world's growing demand for clean water is at odds with our planet's finite global water supply. Canadian Clear with more than five decades of experience in water-based solutions, is on the front lines of solving the world’s water scarcity challenges.

Today more than ever, water management is a critical issue for industries as well as municipalities. Access to a sustainable water supply is essential for both the world's population and its economies to thrive. And although industry and conservancy are sometimes seen as to having different agendas, they both have a shared interest when it comes to sustainability of our water. Traditional solutions and traditional ways of thinking aren′t enough to meet the future demand.

That is why Canadian Clear is committed to providing the most advanced, cost-effective technologies and solutions that help our customers achieve their goals, while at the same time helping them manage their water risk and successfully navigate the challenges of an increasingly water-scarce world. Together, we can truly make every drop count, today and for future generations.


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Desalination Plants is the process for removal of salts and minerals from the seawater using Reverse Osmosis.

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Zero-Liquid Discharge (ZLD)

Zero-liquid discharge (ZLD) leaves zero discharge at the end of the treatment cycle using advanced water treatment

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Industrial Water Process

Its about processing water in Industrial water treatment recycled water in the production/manufacturing processes.

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Waste Water Treatment

We specialize in Effluent Treatment Plants and have successfully supplied projects of various sizes in India and globally.

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Ultrapure Water

Canadian Clear Offers Solutions For Ultra Pure Water Ultrapure Water (upw) Is Water That Has Been Purified To Very Strict Specifications,

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Build Operate Transfer

Build operate transfer (BOT) or build own operate transfer (BOOT) is a form of project financing.

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Water Recycle & Reuse

CandianCrystalline reusing treated wastewater Water recycling offers resource and financial savings

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Membrane Technology

CandianCrystalline leverages Membrane technology mechanical processes for separating .

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Water Sterlization

Our sterlization water process removes all bacteria, including pathogens.

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Mobile/Containerised Water Treatment

Mobile And Containerised Water Treatment Plants Offer Quick, Reliable And Cost Effective Service To Meet The Problem Of Water Crisis..

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Bottle Water / Mineral Water

Canadian Clear Is One Of The Largest Manufacturer Of Bottled Water Processing Equipments.

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Latest News

Water Crisis

We live in a world where climatic changes due to rising global pollution, deforestation and other factors are affecting the developed and '˜third world's countries alike where climatic changes due to rising global pollution.

Water Resources

India is among the hotspots where overuse of water resources has caused a sharp decline in the availability of freshwater, according to a first-of-its-kind study using an array of NASA satellite observations of the earth.


According to the World Water Development Report 2018 released by the UNESCO, if the situation is not resolved on time, then by 2050, more than half of the world's population will be facing a water crisis.