Canadian Clear is a global leader in water resource management and water treatment solutions. Since 1969, we have been in the field of water treatment, waste water treatment, process water treatment as well as brackish and sea water desalination. We specialised in total water management system for cities, townships and large scale developments including SEZ, special economic zones, ports & island developments. We also specialise in multi technology integration for super critical water & ultra pure water.

With over 5 decades of commitment to design and developing custom made solutions for water, waste water, process water and water desalination, we have been pronounced globally as pioneers in the industry. The group focus has been to address the demand of Government, cities, townships, municipalities and industries, drinking water supply, urban sanitation, water treatment, waste water treatment, process water treatment and water desalination.

We have successfully designed, manufactured, supplied and commissioned more than 10000 Projects of various sizes in Australia, Eastern Europe USA, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Middle East, Africa, and South East Asia. We also specialise in waste water treatment, sewage treatment as well as Industry Effluent Treatment. With our specialisation in sea water desalination for Process water, Potable water and Drinking water, we have installed more than 300 MLD sea water desalination plants, single and two pass with pre-treatment and post-treatment world-wide.

We specialise in multi technology integration system solutions for effluent treatment, process water treatment and zero-discharge treatment plant. We have worked with all leading international consultants and have an exhaustive list of satisfied clients.

Canadian Clear has one of the largest manufacturing infrastructures in the world to produce equipment in system with the capability to deliver 100 MLD sea water desalination plant in less than 10 months We have built one of the largest containerised sea water desalination plants in the world with a capacity of 60 MLD in Jubail, Saudi Arabia. We have entered into several Joint Venture agreements throughout the world and floated SPV's to offer Built Own Operate, Built Own Transfer projects for water supply to various clients including large industries, special economic zone and Government.

Canadian Clear is an ISO 9001 Certified company. The company has a full-fledged R&D center where our engineers work on new product designs, development, as well as upgrading of existing ones and indigenisation of foreign technologies obtained through collaborations. The company has established offices in Dubai, UAE, Nairobi, Kenya as well as Dallas, Texas, US.