Although 70% of the Earth is water nearly 97% is in the oceans. The ocean water is salty and cannot be utilized directly without treatment. The fresh water available for us is about 3% of the earth′ water out of which only 1% is accessible with much of it trapped in glaciers and snow fields. Our strategy is to deploy the most energy-efficient and cost-effective technologies for desalination of sea water as well as treatment of river‚ well‚ bore wells and creek water to make them potable. It is also to optimize the recycle and reuse of water by using the most efficient waste water treatment technologies.

Our strategy is based on

  • Advanced low energy sea water desalination technology
  • Total recycle and reuse of water
  • Using Artificial Intelligence to enhance efficiency and implement smart solutions
  • Multi technology integrated solutions for various industries
  • Introducing future generation technologies

Our Global Footprint

Canadian Clear works in 52 countries covering over 5 continents.