Reverse Osmosis (R.O.) systems are ultimate in practical water treatment systems. Our R.O. systems combine the functions and advantages of mechanical sediment filters and the sub-micron filtering capabilities of R.O. membranes in order to remove the vase spectrum of contaminants in the water. The effectiveness of the R.O. units is well over 90%. R.O. membrane manufacturers tests have demonstrated an effectiveness of over 95% at 225 pounds per square inch of water pressure. The effectiveness and productivity of R.O. unit increases with increased water pressures. Please take some time to familiarize yourself with the R.O. system and this manual before operating the unit.


1. Before the filter is put into operation, the filter must be washed with an inflow of clean water.

2. Change the mpv lever into backwash position to clean the Adsorption media. Continue washing until the wastewater is clean. Then close the wash valve.

For further operation, ascertain the setting for the wash water inlet valve i.e. liters of water per minute are required for washing the filter.


If the feed water is chlorinated, then a Granular Activated Carbon GAC) filter must be installed to remove the chlorine. The membrane material used in the commercial or brackish water systems is a thin film composite (TFC). TFC membranes have no chlorine tolerance and if operated with feed water that has chlorine, they will be damaged beyond repair


The feed water hardness must be under 1 grain per gallon (17 mg/l). To achieve this we recommend that a properly sized water softener or anti Scalant dosing system be installed prior to installing the reverse osmosis system. If only a primary softener is used, which already existed prior to the installation of the R.O. system, then make sure that the softening capacity has been increased to compensate for the extra water that is going to be used by the newly installed R.O. system.

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