Canadian Clear to nurturing nature by effective use of advanced water treatment‚ waste water treatment and desalination technologies along with effective water management that can augment the ever-growing demand for water which is a depleting natural resource.


Our strategy is to deploy the most energy-efficient and cost-effective technologies for desalination of sea water as well as treatment of river‚ well‚ bore wells and creek water to make them potable. It is also to optimize the recycle and reuse of water by using the most efficient waste water treatment technologies.



  • To ensure every customer is provided with individual tailor-made design and solutions for his specific needs. To ensure maximum satisfaction along with optimized efficiency of the product and solution delivered. To exceed their expectations and consistency educate them on emerging technologies through personable‚ honest and transparent communication.

  • Quality

  • We commit to deliver the best quality services and products which are in line with our customer′ needs and requirements. To provide world-class technology and solution. To provide the most efficient service and customer support and after sales support. To ensure consistent quality on all we deliver. To deliver only the best .

  • Team work and R&D

  • We believe success of the company is through integrated team work and efficient technology. We build team cohesiveness through constant training and building the most advanced technological solution by tying up with universities and research institutions worldwide .

We build the mantra into our team that water solutions is our‚

  1. Passion
  2. Business
  3. Focus
  4. Expertise
  5. Future