Canadian Clear is the largest manufacturer of Bottled Water/Mineral Water/Soft Drink processing equipments in the Asian sub-continent. Canadian Clear has a large range of equipments to suit the ever growing package drinking water industry. The Bottled Water/Mineral Water/Soft Drink processing plants are specially designed to meet the highest standards of quality and shelf life in accordance with IBWA, ABWA, ECC and BIS guidelines. 

Water is one of the basic necessities of human life. Potable mineral water is good for health because it’s free of impurities and optimal for drinking. Our company manufactures and exports highly efficient Mineral Water Plants which can be customized to your every need. Our equipment are manufactured with high quality material and are highly durable.

Our Product Range:

Automatic Bottling Plant as per International Bottled Water Association Standards
Commercial Reverse Osmosis System
Micron Filters
UV Systems
Stainless Steel Storage Tank ranging from 1000 to 6000 liters capacity
Automatic Bottle making machine for PET bottles of 60ml to 2000 ml
Automatic Bottle filling machine to fill one liter, 2 liters and 20/25 liters Jar etc.
Canadian Crystalline has been in the field of Mineral Water for than a decade now. Canadian Crystalline equipment is backed with the latest cost effective and hi-tech state of art technology from all round the World to produce Mineral Water quality to meet with the International Standards. It is a must the system should be maintained and operated as per the details given the operational manual.
In Mineral Water processing the output and quantity depends upon the efficient running of the plant by the Operator.

The filter consists of an MS/SS/FRP pressure vessel fitted with control valves and connecting pipes. It is inlaid with Canadian Crystalline specially graded filter media over a supporting layer of pebbles and coarse sand. The raw water passes through this material when the suspended matter is removed at the top of the bed. 

The filtered water is drawn through a collecting system at the bottom of the bed and taken to service. At the beginning of the filter resisting to the flow of water through the filter is less but with continued operation, the amount of the suspended matter removed and deposits on the filter bed increase and the resistant to the water flow also increases. 

Beyond this particular stage filtration becomes dissatisfactory. The filter must then be cleaned. Cleaning is done with the flow of clear water introduced through the collecting systems at the bottom. The wash rising through the bed loosens and carries away to drain the accumulated dirt from media bed. The upward wash is continued until the wastewater is clean. Finally the filter is given a downward rinse of water before being returned to service.

Canadian Crystalline MICRON FILTRATION SYSTEM has taken filtration technology one-step further with release of back washable filter elements specially designed for mineral water processing systems.

Canadian Crystalline Single / Multi cartridge pressure vessels are designed and built in accordance with Canadian Crystalline (Canada) specifications.

Canadian Crystalline MICRON FILTERATION SYSTEM outer casing is made out of stainless steel 316, specially designed to give maximum efficiency to the filter elements.

Ease of access to the vessel is assured with a swing bolt closure. A lifting davit is standard where required. The bottom of the cartridge is placed well above the lowest point of the chamber. A back flush drain is strategically placed to allow efficient removal
of captured contaminants from the chamber.


Canadian Crystalline Silver Polisher are inter connected by means of specially prefabricated stainless steel fittings, specially designed to ensure trouble free and easy operation. Special care is taken to ensure proper and scientific backwash. A specifically designed arrangement ensures proper sanitation is very important to produce shelf life of filtered water.