Totally Integrated Water Treatment Solutions

We are one of the most prominent and reliable companies dealing in manufacturing and supplying quality and advanced Water Treatment Plants for Drinking Water. Purifying waste water into potable drinking water for common use, these plants have carved niche for themselves.

These plants are very efficient and widely used by our customers all over the market. Equipped with high precision components, these are manufactured utilizing advanced technology and expert’s knowledge. Along with this, these waste treatment plants for drinking water are available in the market at suitable price.

The reverse osmosis membranes cause most of the R.O. system problems. The R.O. membranes affect the product water flow rate and the quality of the product water.

Reverse Osmosis membranes determine the quality of the product water by the percent rejection of the Total Dissolved Solids (TDS). A very gradual decrease in the percent rejection can be expected over a period of time, rapid decreases may be due to one or more of the following causes:

1. Excessive chlorine in the feed water. This may indicate that the ACF Carbon filter has been exhausted. The membranes can tolerate only very few minutes of chlorinated feed water. Deterioration to the R.O. membranes due to the chlorinated feed water is permanent and it is not covered under the systems warranty.

2. Excessive hardness or silica or iron in the feed water. This may be due to a failure in the dosing system or iron filter. Excessive hardness or iron in the feed water will foul (scale) the membranes with mineral salts. Damage to the R.O. Membrane due to excessive feed water hardness or silica or iron is not covered under the systems warranty.

3. Excessive silt in the feed water. This will cause slime bacteria to foul the membrane pores and decrease the rejection. Adequate pre filtration should be installed, prior to the R.O. system, if this condition exists.

Common Technologies of RO Pre treatment:
In most of the cases, the original water cannot be allowed to enter the RO element, because the impurities contained in water may contaminate the element, which will affect the stable running of system and the service life of membrane element. Pre treatment means the process of treating the impurities contained in the raw water according to their properties by using proper technologies so that the requirements of feed water can be satisfied for the RO membrane elements.

It is called pre treatment simply because it occurs in the position prior to the reverse osmosis in the whole technological process of water treatment plant. For the RO system, the feed water is habitually classified as under ground water, tap water, surface water, seawater, and waste water, etc. Since the water bodies are influenced by various factors, the differences in geographical conditions and seasonal weather can cause the properties of and the impurities contained in the water bodies to be somewhat different, and therefore the technologies of RO treatment varies to some extent.

Canadian Crystalline has been in the field of Mineral Water for than a decade now. Shivsu equipment is backed with the latest cost effective and hi-tech state of art technology from all round the World to produce Mineral Water plants quality to meet with the International Standards. It is a must the system should be maintained and operated as per the details given the operational manual.

In Mineral Water processing the output and quantity depends upon the efficient running of the plant by the Operator. If you have any doubts or any suggestions for the better running of the plant, you are welcome to write to us and we will be at your service to do the needful at all times.
The equipment’s delivered are to be installed on the chosen site, at your end. We give you the details of groundwork in our ANNEXURE-I. 
If the works are made ready and the items required made available before arrival of our commissioning of the Project.

The reasonable pre treatment should satisfy the following requirements:
1. The pre treatment must be capable of removing most of the impurities in the raw water and making the feed water satisfy the requirements.

2. The pre treatment must take into consideration the variation of water quality so as to prevent the stable operation of the entire system from being influenced by the fluctuation of raw water quality.

3. The pre water treatment must be capable of running stably in high efficiency; besides, it must simplify the processing flow so as to reduce the investment and the operating cost.

This Technical Information contains instructions for the mounting, installations, commissioning, as well as attendance and maintenance of the dosing pump described in this manual. For reasons of clarity, however, this document takes into consideration neither complete detail concerning each variant not every conceivable case of installation and operation. If you require further information or if any problem arise which are not reflected in detail in this manual, contact. Canadian crystalline customer support division directly for the information needed.

Furthermore we want to point out that the warranty in accordance with our general terms of sale and delivery shall only be valid, if exclusively authorized personnel with appropriate qualification implement the mounting and installation. The safety instructions and recommendations given in this Technical Information have strictly to be observed.