Water Purifier Ozonator

The best water treatment plant manufacturesIf you are like me and cant really imagine paying for water on a regular basis, youll most likely be in the market for some sort of water purifier. This can be a daunting task these days with all the choices that you can get.

Here is a few of the different types of water purifiers being sold today:

1. Ozonated purifiers
2. Water distillers
3. Reverse osmosis
4. Filtered
5. UV lamps for killing bacteria
6. Water ionizers

This is some of them, there may be different kinds but one of these models will most likely be the type you buy. Now I should say that you would probably get a model with a bunch of these features. For example I saw a unit that had filtration, a UV lamp and produced ozone. For those of you that arent aware, ozone is just oxygen or O2 with a third oxygen molecule hooked on to it O3 that searches out and sanitizes a poison or parasite and then changes into O2. O3 will oxygenate the water and make it taste better.

Next are distillers. These are good in a way that you are guaranteed pure and safe drinking water. This might be OK for detoxifying your body but this water is regarded dead and has no minerals in it. It is very tough to get solid evidence on this, as there are tons of different opinions. My assessment is that there might be worthier alternatives.

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