Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier

Industrial Reverse Osmosis Systems canadianclear offers industrial reverse osmosis units with same configuration as of commercial range reverse osmosis, but with higher Flow Rates from 2000 LPH to 25000 LPH and more.

These units are also available in complete SS construction for long life use.
Silver Stream RO water certified as
◊ Baby safe
◊ Ideal for Pregnant Women
◊ Ideally suited for Aged people
◊ Recommended for sports and fitness
◊ Diuretic (Detoxifies the Kidneys)
◊ Nutritive (Rapid Fluid Replenishment)
◊ Good for Ophthalmology (Skin and Facial Care)
◊ An Excellent Hair care product
(indicated for growth and maintenance of hair. Provides shine)
◊ Essential for pharmaceutical industry
◊ Apt for the food industry
◊ Good for Dental hygiene