Mineral Water Treatment

Canadian clear is marketing leader in water treatment plant manufactures. We will need to understand what is Osmosis process, where molecules of water migrate naturally from a weaker saline solution to a stronger saline solution, gradually equalizing the saline composition of each solution which is divided by a semi-permeable membrane. Reverse Osmosis, the opposite of natural osmosis process of water in which the molecules of water are being pressurized to go through a semi-permeable membrane from stronger saline solution to weaker side ( any contaminants having molecule size bigger than water will not pass through).

Advantage:- Remove fluoride, chloride and other harmful particles.

Disadvantage:- Also remove trace of minerals like salt, lead, manganese, iron, and calcium. Can not remove chlorine and volatile organic chemicals which are relatively smaller in size. Having to remove alkaline mineral constituents of water, produces acidic water which will strip off calcium in bones and teeth in order to neutralize acidtiy in it.


Drinking Water, High purity water for pharmaceuticals, Dairies, Cosmetics, Hospitals, Laboratories, Food processing industries, Mineral water plants, Beverages, Aquaculture, Cooling Tower, Waste Water Effluent, Swimming Pools, Desalination RO Systems etc.


The SILVER STREAM unit basically consists of:1. Teflon assembly
2. Stainless Steel inlet outlet connections
3. UV lamps with fittings
4. Ballast for u v lamp
5. Starter switch (for manual ballast)
The assembly of all the parts is enclosed in a special grade STAINLESS STEEL material. ALL SILVER STREAM units have indicating eye to indicate the germicidal lamp is functioning.