We are a leading Industrial Waste Water Treatment Plant Manufacturer in India. Water and wastewater treatment is critical for every industry. Each industry has its own set of requirements which determines treatment needs; from process water to wastewater.
Industrial wastewater treatment has become a huge subject all to itself in modern days, Optima Water covering the entire mechanisms and processes and used to treat waters that have been contaminated in some way by anthropogenic industrial or commercial activities. Dissolved Air Flotation –DAF Clarifiers, Automatic Screens, are an advance method to Treat industrial Waste Water. 
We offer both customized and standardized Industrial Waste Water Treatment Plant. We are Top Ten Industrial Waste Water Treatment Plant in India.
Routine maintenance and management of RO equipment periodically testing and analyzing of relevant indexes of pretreatment permeate
water, including TDS, SDI, and free chlorine, etc.
Calculating the LSI and S&DSI of concentrated water of the RO system. Recording the permeate flow and feedwater pressure of RO equipment, confirming the actual permeate flow of the system, and then forecasting and determining the cleaning cycle of the system.
Recording the pressure differences among every pressure vessels inside the RO devices. This index is the parameter indicating the resistance force the feedwater sustains when flowing through the membrane element. If the difference of pressure acting on the two ends of pressure vessel is excessively large, then the pressure difference of single membrane element may probably exceed the limit for safety service, thus causing the mechanical damage of membrane element.

In addition, pressure difference is also an important index to determine whether the membrane element is contaminated. Recording the TDS separately of the feedwater and the permeate so as to caculate the rejection rate of the system. Recording the flow rate of both the feedwater and the permeate so as to calculate the recovery rate of system. Frequently inspect these indexes so as to provide evidences for determining whether the RO system runs regularly and whether the element is contaminated. Periodically inspect and calibrate the instruments and meters, including pH meter, flowmeter, conductivity meter, pressure gauge, and thermometer, etc.