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How soft drink is made

Soft drink is a beverage that typically contains water (often, but not always, carbonated water), usually a sweetener and usually a flavoring agent. The sweetener may be sugar, high-fructose corn syrup, fruit juice, sugar substitutes (in the case of diet drinks) or some combination of these. Soft drinks may also contain caffeine, coloring, preservatives and other ingredients.

International Soft Drink Council (ISDC) opposes the principle of declaring the percentage of all ingredients as proposed by IACFO. This is far too onerous to implement and DE-emphasizes the important information about certain ingredients resulting in information that will be meaningless to consumers.

An additional quantitative ingredient declaration would prevent flexibility in the use of ingredients and might require the disclosure of proprietary information without providing significant benefit to consumers.

Soft drinks is likely to record further growth in off-trade volume terms over the forecast period. The majority of volume and value growth is likely to come from bottled water and juice, which are being embraced by consumers in urban and rural areas alike.

Increased marketing efforts and communications from soft drink manufacturers are expected to continue playing an important role in terms of pushing sales figures in most soft drinks categories. Moreover, growing demand for products promoted by reference to health and wellness benefits is likely to push soft drinks manufacturers to develop their portfolios further during the forecast period.

Canadian Clear has incorporated the state of art technology in design engineering of filling machines being manufactured. CC 600 fully automatic filling and capping machine and semi automatic rinsing is specially designed by Canadian Clear for mineral water bottles and carbonated beverages.

The entire process has provisions in the filling machines for rinsing, filling, capping and sealing. The entire process is controlled by a PLC with sensor Controls with one touch instrumentation systems.