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Reverse Osmosis System

Reserve Osmosis frameworks are intended for salty water applications where high yield is required, for example, water packaging plants, household, mechanical use, land improvements and so on., These units incorporate best in class Reverse Osmosis System innovation, that permits completely programmed operation. These frameworks are intended for any application that requires high yield reverse osmosis gear. We can likewise tweak these units according to the food water parameters, whether it be Bore Well or harsh Water.

Our Canadian Clear plants are furnished with extensive business sort residue channel to uproot suspended solids down to 5 micron in size. Other standard parts incorporate outward high weight pumps. TFC layers, full instrumentation, high weight regulation valve, simple water quality meter, and inherent film cleaning and safeguarding framework.

Silver Stream Reverse Osmosis  water affirmed as

  • Infant safe
  • Perfect for Pregnant Women
  • In a perfect world suited for Aged individuals
  • Prescribed for games and wellness
  • Diuretic (Detoxifies the Kidneys)
  • Nutritive (Rapid Fluid Replenishment)
  • Useful for Ophthalmology (Skin and Facial Care)
  • An Excellent Hair care item
  • (shown for development and support of hair. Gives sparkle)
  • Key for pharmaceutical industry
  • Able for the sustenance business
  • Useful for Dental cleanliness

(Brushing of teeth with RO water keeps you and your gums sound and you can likewise maintain a strategic distance from water borne maladies which can be gained amid brushing washing)

Highlights :
  • Yields accessible from (5000 Ltrs/Day ) to (10,00000 Ltrs/Day)
  • Epoxy covered casing/SS304
  • Outward H.P. Pumps/Vertical H.P. Pumps
  • TFC layers
  • Worked in layers cleaning tank
  • Worked in distribution clean pump
  • Attractive starter
  • Fluid filled high/low weight gages
  • Simple T.D.S. Readout meter
  • Two business sort profilers 20 and 5 microns
  • High/low weight cut off switches
  • Nema 4 electrical walled in area
  • Layer auto flush framework
  • Status marker lights
  • Item and saline solution stream meter
  • Time delay gadget for productive start up
  • Programmed begin/stop with buoy switch (discretionary)
  • (Highlights change contingent upon client necessity)
Reverse Osmosis

Reverse Osmosis