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Process of industrial water and waste water treatment

With present growth in industry , the need of water for process becomes inevitable. Industrial waste water has a diversity of impurities and this is the important reason why its water treatment constitutes a special task. Further, the emission limitis for industrial effluent are now being strictly followed. Closed circuits and product recovery in various production processes are becoming an increasing priority among manufacturing companies. The industrial water treatment process may contain three steps mechanical, biological and chemical steps.

In case of biological process, the aerobic water process is very suitable for industrial water treatment. Industrial waste water treatment plants are usually designed to meet different purification methods. The concentrations of organic and inorganic substances in industrial waste water are generally higher than those found in the municipal sector. In biological waste water treatment, it is often the case where both the aerobic and anaerobic process are combined together in order to achieve highly pure treated waste water.

Without chemical process of waste water treatment, it may not be possible to remove many substances from waste water. Depending on the composition of waste water, the process of chemical treatment comprises several steps. In general all the steps are combined together in chemical water treatment.

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