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Nanofiltration Method in Micron filter

Nanofiltration is known to be membrane filtration process. We use this process very often with dissolved waters like surface water and ground water. The main reason for using Micron filter is to make the water soft and also to remove the disinfectant like organic matters which are natural and synthetic. This process is also used more in food processing widely.
To start the operation of filtering first we need to properly design the requirements. Membrane is required first it became commercially visible for low cost methods in modules. They don’t have self supporting membranes. By the support of the porous the pressure can be made to stay stable to operate the membrane. To make the process more effective the module should be provided with the channel to flow off the chemicals. When they make a good design for the nanofiltration the pressure gets minimized. Leakage must also be prevented. These are the design and operation in NF.
Main advantage of nanofiltration is known to be the method of softening the water. Few of the separation process will not be supported in room temperature in that case the cost effect will be increased largely when continuous heating or cooling is been applied. Molecular separation also included in nanofiltration. The benefit that is considered in nanofiltration is processing large volume of action and continuously producing the streams and membrane filtration. The disadvantage is cost and membrane requirements. The process is used in various industries the replacement takes little time either before or after the usage is completed.
When talking about the disinfection and stabilization the water which are produced by nanofiltration method is been known as dematerialized. The risk of corrosion in pipes and other equipments must be considered. To increase the stability of the water Chemical actions also takes places.
Hence there are more number of advantages and disadvantages but also we prefer for the nanofiltration method in order to produce best water.