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Mineral water plant project

Mineral waters are stored in the form of bottles or can or any other type of format. In such case mineral waters are purified with clear water. The way of Recycling water are used by all the peoples around the world in order to get healthy life.

Canadian Clear is the only company in the world to give 10 to 14 stage of processing to produce mineral water. Canadian Clear is the only company which uses velocity of 8 m to 15m in its filtration design of mineral water plants. Canadian Clear is the only company which designs RO systems based on advanced REVERSE OSMOSIS system analysis software in its mineral water plant.

Canadian Clear is the only company which delivers 40000 to 60000 micro watt/sq cm from its ultra violet sterilizer. This guarantees maximum kill of pathological impurities in its mineral water plant.

We delivery high gram mage of ozone gas concentration compare to any other mineral water plant available in the world. We ensure 0.1 ppm to 0.5 ppm dissolved ozone in the final mineral water. We use advanced FEP Technology in our Ultra Violet Sterilizer which delivers highest penetration of UV Rays into Mineral Water.

We use special Radial Diffusion Technique in our Mineral Water Plant to inject ozone into mineral water to enhance shelf life of the product.Mineral waters are supplied all over the world like a chain process and the people requirement of water is raising everyday at the same time the source of the water is getting reduced since to overcome this problem we choose mineral water for the drinking purpose hence it is purified. Mineral waters are properly purified using different methods in order to produce good water for the people.

They process osmosis distillation process. Due to more disinfectants in water the foods that are prepared by the water is been contaminated. There are more number of diseases spreader which are formed due to the drinking of contaminated water.