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Bottle Filling Machine

Bottle Filling Machine is  a  task  carried  out  by  a  machine  that packages   liquid   products   such   as   cold   drinks   or   water .Traditional  methods  of  bottle  filling  involved  placing  bottles onto  a  conveyor  and  filling  only  one  bottle  at  a  time.  This method is time consuming and expensive.

The bottle filling machine and  capping  operations  are  controlled  using  a Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC’S). This is because PLC’s are  very  flexible, cost  effective,  space efficient  and  reduces complexity. By programming the PLC we control the entire   system.   SCADA   (Supervisory   Control   and   Data  Acquisition) is used to monitor the process.

Bottles  are  kept  in  position  in  their  respective  holders which  are  fixed  to  the  conveyor  at  the  input  side.  IR sensors  are  used  to  detect  the  presence  of  bottles  in  the holder.  Depending  on  the  output  of  the  sensors  the  filling and capping operation takes place. A time delay is given in order to set the status of the bottles. If bottle 1 is present the corresponding stat us bit in PLC is set to 1 else it is set to 0.The  outputs  of  these  sensors  are  given  to  the  PLC  and depending on this output the filling and capping process for the  bottles  takes  place.

 Thus if  all the n  bottles  are present in  the  input  side  then  the  sens or  gives  the  corresponding output   to   the   PLC   which   in   turn   switches   ON   the corresponding pumps for filling operation to take place. If a particular  bottle  is  not  present  the  corresponding  pumps remain OFF.

The machines are mainly used in the mineral and pure water filling operations. The three functions of Bottle rinsing , filling and capping are composed in one body of the machine The whole process is automatic.

Ideal for bottled beverages such as Beer, Cola, Lemonade and Champagne. These Filling machines incorporate the latest in filling technology for carbonated beverages. The filling valves are designed to pre – vacate the bottled before filling.

This ensures very low oxygen content in the product as per international standards, and hence high stability and shelf life. The valves are suitable for filling under CO2 Counter Pressure. While using CO2 pre-stressing, one-third Air Consumption will be replaced by CO2 .The equipment has Cleaning in Place (CIP) facility. The equipment has an automatic Central Lubrication System.

The machine has safety cut off switches, Automatic Splinter Spray- off System, Height adjustment of bowl suitable for all bottled size up to 1000ml. These filling machines are designed for accurate level filling without beverages loss.