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Desalination and water treatment process

Desalination and water treatment process can be defined as any process that removes salts from water. Desalination processes may be used in municipal, industrial, or commercial applications. With improvements in technology, desalination processes are becoming cost-competitive with other methods of producing usable water for our growing needs.

Desalination and water treatment process

A desalination process essentially separates saline water into two parts – one that has a low concentration of salt (treated water or product water), and the other with a much higher concentration than the original feed water, usually referred to as brine concentrate or simply as ‘concentrate’.

Canadian Clear with its vast expertise in the field of Water Treatment in the last 4 decades has come out with cost effective and high efficiency RO recovery systems for sea water Desalination and Water Reuse.

Canadian Clear with vivid innovation and development has created different designs and concepts for Desalination. All our systems are compact by eliminating the high investment on civil infrastructures. The cost of implementing the Desalination Plant is concentrated towards technology, plant and machinery rather than dumping it on gigantic civil structures.

Canadian Clear has focused its expertise on compactness and readily available complete systems, which saves the essential factor of time. Technology is other primary core sector of Canadian Clear, which allowed us to be different form our competitors. We differ in technology, structuring layout, compactness, operation cost and in deliverance.

Desalination Plant

desalination and water treatment process

desalination and water treatment

 Desalination Plant is regularly removing salt and minerals from sea water Desalination Process serves to giving new water that likes human use necessities and watering framework reason. The essential method of sea water desalination is to remove salt. Its obliged making cost and fresh water that helps human employments. Like reusing, sea water desalination is moreover one of the systems to make the water impeccable.