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Brewery Equipments

A brew pub is a pub or restaurant that brews beer on the premises. Some brew pubs, such as those in Europe, have been brewing traditionally on the premises for hundreds of years.

“A micro brewery is a small brewery with a limited production capacity which, produces hand-crafted beers.”

Although originally “micro brewery” was used in relation to the size of breweries, it gradually came to reflect an alternative attitude and approach to brewing flexibility, adaptability, experimentation and customer service.

Micro or craft breweries have adopted a different marketing strategy than large, mass-market breweries, offering products that compete on the basis of quality and diversity, instead of low price and advertising.

Brew Pub’s have become famous and successful world wide because of the superior taste, wide range and high profitability (up to 300%).

Canadian Clear in collaboration with Prodeb Brewery Technology, Belgium brings to you not only process technology and equipments but also franchisee of internationals renowned Belgium brands.

Extract Brewing – Kind of like making condensed soup. Put water in the pot, pour in the concentrated beer malt and away you go. You still have the option of adding additional ingredients, to make a special recipe but that’s basically it. When you purchase a beer extract kit you usually get a can of condensed malt syrup in the style or your choice with the hops already added, maybe a can of plain malt syrup and sometimes the yeast. * Note the concentrate may be in the form of a powder.


Extracts with Steeped Grains – Same as the extract above but you add a few ounces of crushed malt grains you steep in a small muslin bag like making tea. Not a whole lot more effort but a big difference in taste for some beer styles.


Partial Mash – In one pot boil water. Put specialty grains in a muslin bag, place in a second small pot of water, bring water up to 170°F turn off heat and let it steep like tea for about 20 minutes then remove the bag. When the water in the big pot boils add extracts and the “tea” from the small pot. Add hops as needed.


All-Grain – This is the most complicated of the four and takes some extra equipment. This is how beer has been made for thousands of years. You need a mash tun to soak to grains in and two large pots, one to add the water to the mash tun and one to collect the water from the mash tun. The basic process is to add the grains to the mash tun, allow the water to be filtered through the grains to extract the sugars and boil the collected sugar water down to make an extract – then it’s just like extract brewing.